7 Signs That Your Mom Struggles With Personal Care at Home

Grooming and Hygiene: Personal Care at Home Litchfield Park AZ

Grooming and Hygiene: Personal Care at Home Litchfield Park AZ

Your mom has decided to age at home, and you’re supporting her with that life goal. However, you’re considering hiring personal care at home to make sure she has the help she needs to maintain her health and emotional well-being when you can’t be around for her. How do you know when your mom is having a hard time keeping up with grooming and hygiene routines? Here are seven signs to look for.

She Skips A Lot of Showers

You’ve noticed your mom isn’t showering much. Showering every few days is fine if your mom isn’t exceptionally sweaty. But, showering every other week isn’t often enough.

Ask your mom if she feels safe in the shower. Many homes have combination tub/shower units and the sides of those can be pretty high. Installing grab bars may give her more confidence when it comes to showering.

She Keeps Wearing Stained or Smelly Clothing

Her clothing smells or has stains and food spills that look old. How often is she doing the laundry? Is she able to get to the laundry room while carrying a heavy basket or hamper? If not, she’s going to keep wearing the same clothing.

If you don’t have the time to help with the laundry, consider asking another family member to help or hire a personal care at home caregiver.

Her Nails Are Too Long

Your mom’s toenails are so long they’re starting to curl over. You would never have known if you hadn’t caught her before she’d put socks on. They’re long enough that they cut into her other toes.

Why isn’t she trimming her nails on her own? She may find it difficult to bend over and trim her nails, and she may not be flexible enough to sit down and bring her foot up. She needs someone to cut her nails for her. Consider bringing her to a podiatrist for foot exams, too.

Her Hair Isn’t Brushed or Styled

She no longer does anything with her hair. She rarely washes it, and she definitely doesn’t brush or style her hair anymore. If she has arthritis, the pain in her shoulders, wrists, and hands can make it hard to reach up high enough to lather her hair or brush it.

Her Skin Is Very Dry and Flaky

You have noticed your mom’s skin is very dry and flaky. It is normal as you age to lose collagen and have drier skin. If this is the case, she needs to be applying moisturizer. If she has a hard time doing this, consider helping her out or having her personal care at home provider assist.

She Has Body Odor

Your mom’s body odor is apparent. If she has an obvious body odor, she may need someone to prompt her through a morning care routine. She may also need someone to support her while she gets in and out of the shower.

Her Dentist Said Her Teeth Are in Bad Shape

At her last visit, your mom’s dentist said she’s not doing enough to brush and floss her teeth. Your mom has a hard time holding dental floss, so she doesn’t bother anymore. Rather than let her oral care decline, hire a caregiver to help her with oral care.

Personal care at home services help your mom with the grooming and hygiene tasks she struggles to complete. Talk to a specialist to learn more about the prices and schedules for your mom’s local personal care at home agency.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring Personal Care at Home in Litchfield Park, AZ, please contact the caring staff at Blessings for Seniors Companion Care at (623) 594-0819.