Camping Safety: Camping is one of the best multi-generational trips for families.

It’s a good way to disconnect, spend quality time together, and learn from each other, however, camping safety is important. During June’s National Camping Month, consider taking your kids and parents to a state park or KOA campground for a vacation you won’t forget. When camping, there are safety tips you have to keep in mind. If you plan your trip with safety in mind, you’re less likely to have to cut the trip short.


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Keep an Eye on the Weather

Make sure you pay attention to weather reports. It’s not always possible to predict a sudden storm weeks in advance. Keep an eye on the weather and be prepared for storms. If one hits when you’re camping, you may want to sit in the car or a ranger’s station until it passes.


Use the Buddy System and Have a Way to Alert Others of an Emergency

When out walking, hiking, or swimming, use the buddy system. No one should head off on their own. As well as having someone with you, you need to carry a phone and ensure there is service. If not, you need to invest in a GPS two-way radio to make sure you can call for help if something happens.


Protect Yourselves From Insects

When camping, you will face insects like mosquitoes, ticks, and biting flies. A campfire at night can help keep mosquitoes away because of the smoke. When you’re out walking in the woods or on a nature path, wear an insect repellent that protects against ticks and biting flies.

Carefully choose the site where you pitch a tent or set up an RV. You don’t want to set up near a hornet or wasp nest accidentally and face getting stung each time you go outside. If there is a lot of activity with stinging insects, find where they’re coming from. Some nest underground, so look down as well as up. Camping Safety is important.


Camping Safety: What If Your Parents Don’t Want to Go?

Your kids are excited, but your parents don’t want to go. You don’t want to disappoint your kids, but your parents also need help with daily activities. What do you do when you want to go away on vacation, but you can’t leave your parents alone?


Call a home care agency and ask about respite care services. Caregivers can stop by and help your parents with the things they need. If your parents rely on you for medication reminders, caregivers can help out. They can also cook meals, drive your parents to stores and offices, and keep your parents company. Make arrangements for respite care today.


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