Many elderly adults have trouble reaching high places. They also may have issues with mobility which can make it difficult for them to clean their homes. If your elderly loved one needs help with tidying up their house light housekeeping assistance might be the answer. Let’s look at this type of help and how it can make your elderly loved one’s life easier.


Caregiver in Goodyear AZ: Light Housekeeping Assistance

Caregiver in Goodyear AZ: Light Housekeeping Assistance


What is included in light housekeeping?

You may have heard the words “light housekeeping” many times. However, you may not know exactly what this means in terms of home care services. Basically, light housekeeping is just what you would think it is – light cleaning. Some things you can expect from light housekeeping assistance include the following:


Cleaning sinks, bathtubs, and toilets
Cleaning dishes after meals
Preparing baths and making sure your elderly loved one has clean towels
Wiping up spills
Sanitizing surfaces
Putting towels and washcloths in laundry baskets
Changing sheets and blankets
Taking out the trash


Sometimes light housekeeping assistance also entails dusting, taking care of houseplants, and organizing drawers. If you are thinking about having light housekeeping done in your elderly loved one’s home, you should always get a full list of the chores that will be done. This way you know what else will need to be done by someone else.


What is not considered to be light housekeeping?

There are some things that are normally not included when it comes to light housekeeping. Some of these include the following:


Washing of windows
Moving furniture
Floor scrubbing
Raking leaves


You generally won’t see light housekeepers shoveling snow or mowing the lawn either. If your elderly loved one needs these chores done, they might want to call in maintenance, snow removal, or lawn care company.


What are some house cleaning tips for elderly adults?

If your elderly loved one doesn’t have the resources to hire a light housekeeping service, tell them about these house cleaning tips:


Labeling bins
Labeling refrigerator shelves
Put stackable bins and containers on countertops
Use plastic wrap to line the refrigerator shelves
Use the dishwasher whenever possible
Use a duster that has a handle
Put labels on dresser drawers


These are only a handful of housecleaning tips for elderly adults. The important thing is to make sure everything has a place in your elderly loved one’s home.



Home care for elderly adults includes making sure their home is a safe environment. One way to help achieve this goal is by helping your elderly loved one live in a clean house. You could hire a light housekeeping company, get this service from the home care provider, or help your elderly loved one with it yourself.


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