How Do You Change Your Dad’s Sedentary Lifestyle?

Thirty minutes a day is all his doctor asks. Your stubborn dad, however, makes excuses. How do you get him to get up and stretch? What can you do to change your dad’s sedentary lifestyle?


Caregiver in Sun City West AZ: Change Dad's Sedentary Lifestyle

Caregiver in Sun City West AZ: Change Dad’s Sedentary Lifestyle


Find Activities That He Doesn’t View as Exercise

“Exercise” may be the word that’s keeping him from getting up and being active. Instead of exercising, find things he likes to do that he won’t view as exercise.

For example, he loves being in his gardens tending to his flowers and shrubs. Take him to an area botanical garden and walk around exploring the different plants. He’s not going to think of it as walking.

If he loves watching the birds through his window, drive him to a local nature trail. Bring a set of binoculars and a journal to track what birds he sees as you walk along the paths.


Join Him

Is your dad going to be more willing to do things if you’re there to encourage him? Find out what he would consider trying if you were by his side. Does Tai Chi appeal to him? Maybe he’d like to learn self-defense or try rock climbing. Whatever interests him, agree to try it with him.

You could both try something completely new. Try horseback riding together on horses that go slow and easy. Take him to a disc golf course and play a round of disc golf. Sign up for paddleboarding lessons at a nearby cove or lake.

If he’s into genealogy, he might enjoy taking an afternoon each week and going to different cemeteries to look for ancestors’ gravestones. You could also park a few blocks from a local library or town hall and make him walk to the building to look up old records and vital statistics information.


Involve the Grandchildren

Your dad may be motivated by your kids or grandkids. Bring them to see him and see if he’ll take them around his yard looking for butterflies and caterpillars. He might enjoy walking along the shore with them and finding shells. Even a trip to a local playground gets him up and active.

Keep your dad motivated by arranging to have elder care aides there to help him out when you’re busy. You might be at work or taking care of your own home, and you should be able to focus on those responsibilities without feeling guilty or stressed.

Elder care services help with companionship, motivation, organization, and more. Call an agency to learn more about pricing and services.


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