Companion Care at Home: 6 Ways to Ensure Your Mom’s Care is in Expert Hands

Companion Care at Home: As your mom ages, it’s clear that her needs are changing.

She struggles with some daily activities, so it’s time to arrange elder care services for her. What steps can you take to ensure her care is in the best possible hands? Fully vetting a companion care at home provider is crucial.


Companion Care at Home in Avondale AZ: Companion Care

Companion Care at Home in Avondale AZ: Companion Care


Assess the Things She Can and Can’t Do

Watch your mom throughout the day. You need to assess what she’s able to do independently and what she needs help doing. Pay close attention to things she can almost do independently but needs a helping hand to get started.

As you build a list of the things she can do on her own and where she needs help, create a care plan. That care plan shapes the services you’ll arrange for your mom.


Ask the Family for Input

You spend a day each week with your mom. You see things during your visits, but are you missing anything? Ask other family members if they’ve noticed your mom struggling with specific tasks.

Your brother may be there later in the evening and noticed that she has difficulty seeing things when the lighting is dimmer. Your sister is there first thing in the morning and notices your mom struggles to dress appropriately. All of this information is useful when you arrange elder care.


Get Input From Doctors, Friends, and Family Members

You may not know which caregivers or agencies are highly-rated in your area, but others know. Ask for recommendations from doctors, family friends, and other members of the family. You can also reach out to neighbors.


Take Time to Ask Questions

Be sure you ask questions and are satisfied with the answers you get. If you still have questions after getting a response, keep asking questions as they arise. You want to reach a point where you’re confident you’re making the right decisions regarding elder care services.

If your mom has questions, make sure she has the chance to ask them. Her input on the care she gets is equally important.

Remain Involved

When your mom is set up with elder care services, remain involved. Stop in and meet her caregivers. If you’re around for the first few days, you can work from one room and be on hand if questions arise. Once your mom is comfortable with her caregiver, you can return to the office and rely on updates from her caregiver.


Talk to a Specialist to Determine the Right Services.

You’ve made a list of your mom’s care needs. You’ve talked to the family. Now, it’s time to call a companion care specialist. Discuss the services that the specialist believes are best for your mom. Ask about the prices and services available from a local elder care agency.


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