Home Care Assistance: Preparing Your Dad as He Shifts to Living Alone

Home Care Assistance: For whatever reason, your dad is becoming the only person in his house.

He’s never lived alone, and he’s not sure he can manage. Home Care Assistance should be something you consider and speak with him about. Help your dad prepare for aging at home using these tips.

Home Care Assistance in Surprise AZ: Aging in Place

Home Care Assistance in Surprise AZ: Aging in Place


Do a Safety Check

Go through your dad’s home and make sure it’s safe for him. If he uses a cane to walk around, slippery rugs and flooring are dangerous. Instead of walking around in socks, have him wear slippers with non-slip tread.

Does he have grab bars near the toilet and inside and outside the shower or bathtub? They can help support him while he moves around in the bathroom. Install them if he doesn’t have them.

Go through all of his rooms and see if the lights work, if the lighting is bright enough, and if there are cords in areas where he could snag them with his foot. You may need to install brighter lighting if there seem to be dark areas. Use wire organization to keep wires out of the way of foot traffic.


Help Him With Organization

How organized is your dad? Could he use help with bill paying, meal planning, and household organization? These are things you can help your dad learn. If he’s never paid the bills by himself, show him how online banking works and help him get payments set up.

Show him cellphone apps and online websites that help with menu planning and grocery lists. Make sure his home is organized so that everything has a place, eliminating clutter in the process.

Look for Ways to Keep Him Busy

Some downtime is great, but you don’t want your dad stopping all socialization. If he doesn’t have friends nearby, arrange activities that help him meet others. Luncheons at a senior center are one option. You could also sign him up to volunteer at a local museum or library.

At home, your dad needs to have activities that provide a creative outlet. He could take up painting or plant a garden. Hobbies will help keep him active and ease stress at the same time.

Remember He Can Always Have a Caregiver

Your dad doesn’t have to be alone 24/7. Have you considered having someone to help him out from time to time? Any friend or family member can help him in some way. Even an hour here and there is better than nothing.

If your dad is going to feel out of place without someone in the house every day, find out more about home care assistance prices. Your dad can have a caregiver with him on shopping trips and in his home to help with housework, meals, and other daily activities. Call a home care agency to get started.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering hiring Home Care Assistance in Surprise, AZ, please contact the caring staff at Blessings for Seniors Companion Care at (623) 594-0819