In-Home Care: 5 Best Pets for Seniors

In-Home Care: Owning a pet of any kind at home provides a number of incredible benefits for the owner due to their friendly and caring nature.

Pets can help to improve a person’s mental and physical health. Seniors’ emotional health often declines as a result of aging, causing them to experience loneliness and worry frequently. Pets, on the other hand, have been shown to provide comfort and companionship to seniors who own them. In-home care providers are a great help to your senior with pets.


In-Home Care in Avondale AZ: Senior Pets

In-Home Care in Avondale AZ: Senior Pets


Things You Must Consider Before Getting Your Senior a Pet

Although there are considerably great benefits to owning a pet, it is important to watch out for the drawbacks of this decision. You should assess both the benefits and the potential consequences:

  • If your senior has an allergic reaction to animal dander, such as that found in dogs and cats, they may become ill as a result of keeping these pets.
  • Analyze your senior’s energy and attention level before settling on the breed and size of pets – especially cats and dogs, which may require more attention than your senior can handle.
  • If your senior is homebound, you may need to consider In-home care to help them with the basic needs of their pets around the house while they can still enjoy their pets’ company.


5 Pets That Are Favorable For Seniors

Due to their nature, which matches a senior’s energy and control over them, the following pets are excellent for your senior:

-Aquarium Fish

Aquarium fish make great companions for seniors with pet allergies, thanks to their brilliantly colored and sparkling scales and relative ease of care. Watching fish in an aquarium can improve sleep quality due to their gentle and quiet nature. Similarly, having a fish tank in the house has been associated with enhanced mood, attentiveness, and appetite in Alzheimer’s seniors.


Birds are a good option for seniors who have limited mobility or are allergic to animal fur. They require very little cleaning and upkeep. Birdsong, twittering, and chattering are said to be therapeutic background noise that can both relax and stimulate the mind.


Dogs make awesome pets for seniors who love walks, playtime, and training sessions because of their loyal nature. The connection with a particular dog and other contributing factors – such as size, care requirements, and, most importantly, your senior’s health status as it relates to allergies – all play a role in determining which breed to get for your senior.


Rabbits and bunnies are known for being quiet or even shy, which is beneficial if your senior is a light sleeper. Rabbits can be easily trained using tactics similar to those used with dogs, and they form strong bonds with their owners. Rabbits eventually learn to know their owners by voice and sight and will even respond to commands.


Cats are cuddly pets that prefer to stay indoors all of the time, making this a good choice for homebound seniors. A senior can play with cats while sitting in their chair using a toy. Additionally, they do not bark, making it easy to maintain quiet time at home.

In-Home Care: Conclusion

Getting your senior a pet will help to keep them company and improve their general wellness.
If your senior needs help to care for their pets, you should consider hiring in-home care. In-home care can help your senior with their everyday tasks, including cooking, cleaning, and yes, taking care of pets. Get in touch with us today to learn more about your in-home care options!


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