Senior Health: Do You Need to Do Anything About Your Mom’s Scalp Eczema?

Senior Health: Eczema is a condition that makes your skin red and itchy. You may not spend much time thinking about this disease, but it’s time you do.

Almost 32 million Americans have some form of eczema, and about 40 percent of adults report eczema as being moderate or severe. Eczema is a blanket term for skin conditions that cause a rash, inflammation, and itching. Atopic dermatitis is one of the most common forms. It can cause scaly patches of skin, redness, dead skin flakes, oozing, and swelling. It’s incurable, but you can reduce flare-ups by finding triggers. Triggers can include the foods she eats, the ingredients and chemicals in her hair products, allergens in the air, and stress. Proper skincare to keep the skin moisturized and clean is vital for good senior health.


Home Care Assistance in Sun City West AZ: Eczema

Home Care Assistance in Sun City West AZ: Eczema

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The Problems That Arise From Eczema

Eczema is more than an itchy skin rash. People with eczema report higher incidences of insomnia and fatigue. More than half report that they don’t have their skin condition under control. For many, the itching, flaking, and discomfort disrupt routines and lower self-confidence.

One-third to half of the adults with eczema report avoiding social events due to their skin condition. Over one-third admit to being embarrassed by how they look. Your mom may be avoiding simple things like getting her hair cut or wearing her hair in a short, manageable hairstyle.

For these reasons, you need to help your mom with her scalp eczema. She may not cure it, but you don’t want it to affect her self-confidence or happiness. You don’t want her scratching it so much that it leads to an infection. Here’s what you and your mom should be doing.


Talk to a Dermatologist

Help your mom approach her doctor and request a visit with a dermatologist. At the very least, she can get it documented and see if possible treatments can help. Recommendations for extra-strength dandruff shampoos and conditions tend to be the first line of defense.

Don’t be surprised if the dermatologist can’t recommend much. Eczema can be triggered by stress, so if that’s a possibility, treatments don’t really help. Try helping your mom find ways to reduce stress. Exercising more, especially outside, often eases stress and anxiety.

Talk to an agency about personal care at home services. Have caregivers help your mom improve her diet, join her while taking walks, and take her to appointments. A personal, care at home expert can help you get started to ensure good senior health.


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