Tips for Getting Your Dad Up and Active After a Fall

The United Health Foundation looked at medical records and CDC reports and found that 27.4% of older adults fell in 2018. Of those falls, 20% lead to injuries. The most common injury was a hip fracture. More than half resulted in traumatic brain injuries. When your dad falls, what can you do to support him? He’s been to the hospital, and they’ve told you to watch him for 24 hours. After that, he should start working on improving his balance and muscle strength. How do you do that when he’s scared that he’ll fall again? Now might be a good time to consider senior home care.


Senior Home Care in Surprise AZ: Senior Health

Senior Home Care in Surprise AZ: Senior Health


Have Him Exercise With Others

Instead of exercising on his own, sign your dad up for classes where he’s with others. Yoga is one of the best for improving balance and muscle tone. He’ll enjoy the companionship, and he has an instructor to help him correct postures that aren’t helping.


Stock Up on Calcium-Rich Foods

Your dad needs to eat plenty of calcium-rich foods each day. It helps strengthen bones. Protein is also vital for muscle health. Low-fat yogurt is high in calcium and also contains protein. Greek yogurt is one of the best for protein.

When you’re shopping for your dad, look at cereals that are fortified with calcium and vitamin D. Cereals are a quick option for breakfast, and the milk you top it with adds more calcium to his diet.


Ask His Doctor About Physical Therapy

Your dad might benefit from physical therapy. Ask his doctor for a referral if his insurance requires one. A physical therapist works with your dad to determine what exercises help the most.

You or another family member can help your dad practice those exercises regularly at home. Make sure he does them. If he doesn’t stick with it, he’ll lose any progress he’s made.


Don’t Leave Him Alone

Fear after a fall is common and debilitating. Your dad will be especially fearful of situations that caused his fall in the first place. Make sure he’s not alone at those times. If he fell carrying laundry to the basement, he shouldn’t do laundry without someone to support him going up and down the stairs.

Suppose your dad fell on an icy driveway while getting the mail. Have someone walk with him and make sure ice is treated with sand or a de-icing product. If he fell stepping out of the shower, hire a caregiver to hold his arm when he’s done.

Support your dad after a fall by having companion care at home assisting him each day. He’ll have someone in his home while he showers, gets out of bed, or goes up and down the stairs. Call a senior home care agency to get started.



If you or an aging loved-one are considering hiring Senior Home Care in Surprise, AZ, please contact the caring staff at Blessings for Seniors Companion Care at (623) 594-0819