The Benefits of Companion Care When Your Dad Has Long COVID

Companion Care at Home in Surprise

Companion Care at Home in Surprise

About 20% of adults with COVID developed long COVID. It’s a condition where the virus doesn’t go away as quickly as expected, or some symptoms return weeks or months later. Long COVID impacts what your dad can do for himself, as he tires easily, suffers from joint pain, and frequently develops headaches that distract him from his routines.

If your dad has long COVID, it’s time to look at the benefits of companion care at home. He shouldn’t have to spend every day struggling to complete tasks on his own.

Housekeeping and Laundry

Your dad’s exhaustion and joint pain limit how much time he spends on his feet. He can do a quick task like dusting, but he struggles with a full list of housekeeping chores. He hasn’t changed his bedding in weeks, and laundry only gets done if you stop by.

Caregivers can take over housekeeping and laundry for your dad. They’ll change his sheets and make his bed. His caregiver can replace his towels with fresh ones. When all the dirty sheets, towels, and clothing are in the hamper, his caregiver can take it to the laundry room and start the washing machine.

Your dad’s caregivers can also wash the dishes, wipe down counters, vacuum, dust, and sweep floors. If he needs other chores, like light bulbs replaced, air purifier filters changed, or light switches sanitized, those are all possible options.

Meal Planning and Preparation

While your dad doesn’t have the energy to cook meals, he can have a caregiver plan and cook meals for him. He’ll talk to the caregiver about what he wants to eat during the week. His caregiver can help him shop for groceries if he needs them. If so, he can join his caregiver or stay home while the caregiver picks up a grocery order on the way to his house.

His caregiver carries in the bags, puts items where they belong, and cooks meals when he’s ready to eat. His caregiver can join him if he’d like.

Company on Walks

Does your dad tire easily? Is that keeping him from wanting to take walks by himself? Your dad can have a caregiver available to join him for walks. He doesn’t have to go alone or skip a walk, because he doesn’t want to be by himself.

Transportation and Assistance While Running Errands

What if your dad has errands to run, but he gets tired easily and doesn’t want to drive? Hire a caregiver to drive him around. Your dad can let his caregiver drive and enjoy having someone accompany him while he shops, picks up packages in the post office, or schedules an appointment.

Arrange companion care at home services to support your dad by ensuring he has healthy meals, reminders to take his medications, and help with transportation. Get together your list of questions and call a companion care at home specialist.

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