Tips for Introducing a Caregiver to Your Mom for the First Time

Companion Care at Home in Buckeye

Companion Care at Home in Buckeye

Your mom lives alone, but you live in another state and have to rely on phone calls and emails to make sure she’s doing okay. Your family decided that companion care at home is necessary to help your mom with errands and housekeeping.

You know it’s going to be stressful for her, as she’s not used to having a lot of people around. So, how do you introduce her to a new caregiver for the first time?

Prepare Her in Advance

Talk to your mom about the things that will happen. Go over the schedule and walk through a typical day with her caregiver. If she knows what to expect, it can be easier to adjust.

Go Slow

Don’t expect a trouble-free first day. Your mom will be anxious, and that might make her a little more reactive than usual. Her caregiver will have plenty of experience, so let the caregiver lead the meeting.

It may also help to start with a few hours per week and cover some of your mom’s care needs. Then, as she gets used to her caregiver, you can increase the number of days or hours at that point.

Be Present

If you can be in town for a week, stay with her for the adjustment. Consider working from your mom’s den or spare bedroom for a few days. Don’t get in the way, but be available for questions or to help calm your mom down if she’s particularly argumentative.

As your mom acclimates to her new caregiver, start leaving the house for a few hours. Run errands or go for a long walk. When you return, find out how things went. If everything was fine, you know you’re fine leaving your mom alone with her caregiver.

If you’re not in the area, then who is her normal family caregiver? Does a family friend check in on her each week? See if that person can be around for a few days.

Involve Her When Making Plans

Have you considered including your mom in all planning? If she feels involved, she’s more likely to embrace the time with her caregiver. If you do all the planning and spring the news on her in a rush, she’s more likely to experience anxiety and uncertainty.

When you call a home care agency, have your mom nearby. If you have a consultation with an expert, let your mom ask questions. Don’t stop her, even if you feel the question is unnecessary.

Companion care at home will change your mom’s life. She’ll have someone checking in, making sure she’s okay, and helping her around the home. Talk to a companion care at home specialist for other tips that help your mom adjust to having a caregiver stop by each week.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring Companion Care at Home in Buckeye, AZ, please contact the caring staff at Blessings for Seniors Companion Care at (623) 594-0819.

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