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Why Seniors May Be Waking Up In The Middle of the Night

Senior home care can help seniors create better sleeping routines.
Senior home care can help seniors create better sleeping routines.

Sleep is one of the most important things a senior, or anyone should be focused on. Going to bed each night may seem unnecessary or like your body isn’t doing much. But this is a chance for your brain to shut down, for your body to detox, for your mind to sort through information, and for you to regain focus the next day.

It is crucial that all seniors get at least eight hours of sleep every night. Although their routines may change as they age, they still need the same amount of sleep as everyone else.

If they are not getting enough sleep, there may be a few reasons for that and how senior home care can help.


A Senior May Develop a Sleep Disorder

Your loved one may develop sleep apnea from other health conditions or insomnia if they have been diagnosed with dementia. Other times, it could be things like sundowning or going to sleep during the day.

If you or senior home care start to suspect an elderly person is suffering from a sleep disorder, it’s time to encourage your elderly mom or dad to go to the doctor. For most people, a doctor can help figure out what is going on and how to get a senior to sleep well through the middle of the night. Any sort of issue can make it exceptionally hard for a senior to sleep.


They May Be Stressed Out

Stress plays a huge role in your body, and this is true for elderly people as well. As an adult child, a senior may not want to let you into their lives. Especially because they are still your parents.

However, by not letting anyone in, they may become stressed out. They have new health conditions, new finances to consider, and other factors that can greatly affect their stress levels.

If a senior is battling chronic stress, it could be impacting how well they sleep at night, or it could keep them up.


A Senior May Not Be Focused on a Good Sleep Schedule

The truth is everyone needs a routine, and this includes seniors. Sometimes, elderly people may not think they need a routine because they are retired or they don’t feel like they need structure. That is not true at all! Your body is learning and remembering things even if you are not trying to remember and most people thrive when there is a good routine. If you stick to a routine, your body may fall asleep simultaneously every night, whether you mean to or not.

If your loved one needs help building and maintaining a routine, senior home care can help. Senior home care providers can ensure your loved one has a routine that helps them thrive while they age in place.


Someone May Not Be Moving Around Enough

If your loved one is not sleeping well, it can be because they are not moving around enough. They may have tons of extra energy that they can’t get rid of before bed. This extra energy can be hard to sleep with and a senior may feel too antsy.



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