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Home Care Assistance Benefits for Seniors With Arthritis

Senior arthritis can make it difficult to keep up with household tasks and daily routines. Home care assistance can help your loved one.
Arthritis: Home Care Assistance Surprise AZ
Arthritis: Home Care Assistance Surprise AZ

Like a large percentage of older adults, your mom has arthritis. It’s debilitating and keeps her from completing all of her daily tasks. How can you help her when you work full-time and live hours away? Home care assistance is an excellent option.

Look Into Home Care Assistance

Home care assistance provides your mom with the support from a home care aide as often as she needs the help. The services that her caregiver offers are customized to her needs. Here are the things your mom can have help with.

Light Housework

Start with the housework. Your mom has a hard time moving a vacuum around the rooms of her home. Her caregiver can vacuum for her, as well as dust, sweep floors, do a quick dust mop of hardwood, tile, or vinyl floors, and wash dishes.

Once a week, your mom’s caregiver can change the sheets on her bed, gather the dirty laundry, and do the wash. When everything is washed and dried, the caregiver can put things away. Your mom’s caregiver can also wipe faucets and sinks, clean counters, and take out the trash and recycling.

Meals and Meal Planning

Your mom used to cook her meals, but it’s gotten hard as she struggles to hold a knife and slice meats and vegetables. Her home care assistance provider can sit down with her and plan a weekly menu, shop for the groceries that aren’t in stock, and cook meals.

Her caregiver can clean the kitchen after the meal, put away the leftovers, and keep track of a shopping list to replace items that get used up. If your mom has specific dietary requirements, such as low salt, her caregiver can help her read the nutrition labels in stores.


Your mom’s arthritis pain makes it hard for her to drive. She can’t turn her neck or back far enough to check her blindspots before changing lanes or when backing up. She’s crashed into other cars or objects and was told to get someone else to drive.

Your mom’s caregiver can drive her to stores and local businesses. Her caregiver can accompany her to her dental and medical appointments and help her run errands.


Arthritis pain is hard, as it can make you not want to walk around much. Exercise is the best way to keep the pain from increasing. Your mom can have a caregiver with her for companionship. If she’s not alone, she’s more likely to walk farther and get the exercise she needs to ease her joint pain and stiffness.

Talk to Her, Create a Plan, and Make a Call

Home care assistance services provide everything your mom needs to maintain her independence. Ask her where she struggles the most. Once you have a list, call a home care assistance specialist to make the necessary arrangements.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring Home Care Assistance in Surprise, AZ, please contact the caring staff at Blessings for Seniors Companion Care at (623) 594-0819.

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