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Home Care Helps Alleviate Caregiver Burnout

Caring for a senior loved one can be very stressful and oftentimes, you may start feeling burnt out. Here are some tips self-care tips.
Caregiver Burnout: Home Care Sun City West AZ
Caregiver Burnout: Home Care Sun City West AZ

In a survey of family caregivers, 17% reported that providing care took a substantial physical toll. Emotional strain was even more common with 36% reporting they felt a significant emotional toll.

Those statistics can play a part when it comes to caregiver burnout. Some of the warning signs of caregiver burnout include anxiety, insomnia, irritability, overreactions, difficulty concentrating, and withdrawal.

What Does Caregiver Burnout Look Like?

You provide your mom’s care, and you’re pulling away from your friends. You no longer want to go out and see others. You wake up late and still feel exhausted.

You’re in the middle of a shower, and you suddenly feel distant, your heart is pounding, and you feel out of control. You cannot catch your breath and feel dizzy. It hits out of the blue. That sounds like a panic or anxiety attack, and that’s common when you’re burned out.

Every person is different. Some report having this tunnel-vision sensation where people cannot see or hear them, even though they can see and hear those people. Some people experience physical pain in the chest, shoulders, neck, and back. Migraines are possible.

A family caregiver with caregiver burnout might experience a serious lack of energy. Just doing the laundry can be exhausting. As this can also indicate a health issue, it shouldn’t be ignored. Family caregivers need to attend yearly doctor’s appointments to catch any potential health issues as early as possible.

Self-Care is Essential for Several Reasons

It’s important to take care of yourself emotionally and physically. If you let anxiety and burnout continue, you could experience depression. Your mood can also start to impact the quality of care you provide.

Imagine a situation where your mom is being particularly argumentative. You can’t take it anymore and yell at her. The guilt is now overwhelming, and the damage is done. Your mom avoids being near you, and that makes it harder to help her with meals and personal care.

Excessive stress can impact your physical health. Your immune system may not help fight off every virus you’re exposed to, and it may take more time to feel better.

You don’t want to reach the point where you are feeling burned out and overstressed. Instead, arrange home care services to help your mom while you take a break. While a caregiver supports your mom, you can visit friends, catch up on sleep, or curl up with a book. Do whatever helps you take care of yourself for a change.

Call and talk to a home care advisor. Ask specifically about respite care services. This is a level of service designed to help family caregivers take breaks each week, every now and then, or during an illness or vacation.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring Home Care in Sun City West, AZ, please contact the caring staff at Blessings for Seniors Companion Care at (623) 594-0819.


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