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Is There a Connection Between Poor Kidney Function and Dementia Risk?

Alzheimer's Home Care: Kidney Function Health in Litchfield Park, AZ
Alzheimer’s Home Care: Kidney Function Health in Litchfield Park, AZ

March is National Kidney Month, so it pays for family caregivers to learn more about kidney health and how it affects other possible health issues. For instance, if seniors are already concerned about dementia risk factors, they may also want to pay close attention to their kidney health. Seniors who already have dementia really need to protect their kidney health, which is easier with help from Alzheimer’s care providers.

Understanding Kidney Function

The kidneys are the organs that filter waste products and excess fluids from the blood. They also help to regulate electrolyte balance in the body and can produce some essential hormones. Kidney health can be affected by other health issues. When kidney function declines, the kidneys are not able to keep up with filtering, causing waste and fluids to build up throughout the body. This causes a variety of different health issues. When kidney function declines significantly, it can become chronic kidney disease and even lead to kidney failure.

Cardiovascular Health and Kidney Function

Poor kidney function is related to cardiovascular issues, including high blood pressure. Cardiovascular conditions are known to increase dementia risk. That’s because cardiovascular conditions reduce blood flow to the brain, contributing to cognitive decline. Because kidney health and cardiovascular health are linked, that means that kidney issues can also increase risk factors for dementia.

Chronic Inflammation and Dementia

Chronic inflammation throughout the body is related to both kidney disease and dementia. Inflammation in the body is complicated, and seniors may need to work with their doctors to determine what is causing the inflammation and develop a plan for reducing it. Reducing inflammation throughout the body can help to protect both the kidneys and the brain.

Toxins in the Body

Because the kidneys are responsible for filtering waste out of the body, declining kidney function means that those waste products can build up throughout the body. When that happens, organs throughout the body are affected. The brain is one of those organs, so it’s important to protect brain health by keeping the kidneys working properly.

Risk Factors in Both Dementia and Kidney Problems

There are other health issues that can impact both brain and kidney health. Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and more can all contribute to both cognitive decline and kidney difficulties. Managing those health issues more effectively can help to reduce their impact on every organ system, including the brain and the kidneys. Home care providers can help aging adults to stick to their healthcare plans, ensuring that they protect their health as much as possible.

There are a lot of different factors that point to kidney health and brain health being connected. Keeping cognitive function as high as possible is important, especially if seniors have multiple risk factors for cognitive illnesses like dementia. Alzheimer’s care providers can help family caregivers and seniors to maintain brain health and to stay safe at home. Learning as much as possible about kidney health and protecting the kidneys can give seniors a lot of health benefits.

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