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Most Common Companion Care at Home Services for Seniors

Companion care at home offers a variety of benefits, but these services are among the most common and helpful benefits for seniors.
Companion Care at Home Peoria AZ
Companion Care at Home Peoria AZ

Companion care at home is the most common home care service as it covers so much of an older adult’s care needs. Your dad doesn’t have to be alone all week anymore. Learn more about the benefits of companion care.

Bill Paying

Your dad has bills to pay, but he needs guidance when he’s paying them online. A caregiver can help him get logged into his computer and offer tips if he needs them. He has help bringing in the mail, sorting bills, and marking when he needs to pay them.


Housekeeping can be tough as you age, especially if arthritis impacts your movements. Your dad struggles to carry a vacuum upstairs, and the weight of the laundry hamper knocks him off balance when he’s on the stairs. He’d rather have other people helping with those tasks.

Companion care at home offers a full list of housekeeping services. Your dad’s caregiver can wash dishes, wipe counters, and clean the sinks. Caregivers can vacuum carpets, sweep hardwood floors, and pick up clutter. They can also take out the trash and recycling, set up the coffeemaker for the next day, and water the plants.

Laundry and Linen Care

Each week, your dad’s caregiver can change his sheets, put the dirty sheets in the wash, and wash sheets, towels, and clothing. Your dad’s caregiver will dry everything, iron items as needed, and put everything away. He never has to use the same sheets, towels, and clothes for weeks before your next visit.

Meal Planning and Preparation

Have your dad talk to his companion care at home provider about the foods he likes to eat. They can establish a menu for the week, shop for the items your dad needs, and put things away when they’re back home.

When your dad is hungry, his caregiver can cook his meal for him. He may need help keeping track of times when he had a meal or snack and when another is due. His caregiver helps him with that.

Reminders and Appointment Scheduling

If your dad struggles to remember when he needs to make an appointment with his eye doctor, family doctor, or dentist, his caregiver provides that reminder. If he has an upcoming appointment to confirm, he has help confirming it and keeping track of when he needs to leave the house.

Social Activities

Your dad doesn’t have to be alone all week. His caregiver is available for conversation, company while eating a meal or watching a movie, and company when he takes a walk. He has a caregiver to challenge him to a board game or take him shopping.


While your dad isn’t allowed to drive anymore, he doesn’t have to be stuck at home. His caregiver can drive him to stores, medical offices, and area businesses. If he has a luncheon at the local senior center, his caregiver gets him there.

When your dad lives alone and feels isolated, companion care at home provides the friendship he craves. Talk to an advisor to get answers to your family’s questions and learn more about prices.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring Companion Care at Home in Peoria, AZ, please contact the caring staff at Blessings for Seniors Companion Care at (623) 594-0819.

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