Make Sure You’re Prepared for Your Dad’s Doctor’s Visit

Senior Home Care: Have you ever asked your dad if he’s okay on his own at the doctor’s office?

It’s often better for a family caregiver to accompany an aging parent to these appointments, especially with cognitive decline or hearing impairment. Whether you’re joining him or another trusted family member or caregiver, it’s important for you and your senior home care provider to be prepared for that visit.


Senior Home Care in Litchfield Park AZ: Doctor's Visit

Senior Home Care in Litchfield Park AZ: Doctor’s Visit


Make a List of Questions

In the days leading to your dad’s doctor’s appointment, make a list of his questions and add yours. In this list, consider things like his diet, exercise habits, and the medications he takes. If he’s been having a hard time with his daily prescriptions, ask if there are options.

He may struggle to afford his medications, and that’s important to bring up. Your dad may find it hard to function for an hour or two after taking his dose. Tell his doctor if side effects physically make it hard to get up and be active.

Confirm the Appointment

When you get the call to confirm the upcoming appointment, ask if your dad should do anything in preparation. For example, his doctor may be drawing blood to check his cholesterol levels. Ask if he should be fasting for several hours. If a urine test is scheduled, he should drink plenty of water to ensure his bladder is full.

It would help if you also asked about vaccinations. Your dad is due a tetanus shot this year. Make it easier for everyone by having him in a short-sleeved shirt with a cardigan or jacket over it. He won’t have to take off a shirt to get that shot.

Bring a List of Medications With You

Your dad needs to bring a list of the medications he’s taking. This list must include all doctors’ prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and health supplements.

Suppose his eye doctor has him taking fish oil to prevent dry eye, while his dermatologist prescribes an antibiotic for rosacea. His general practitioner may not know he’s on these medications. It’s vital information for the prevention of contraindications and food reactions.

Senior Home Care: Have Caregivers Drive Him

What if you’re unable to accompany your dad to his appointment? You can’t get out of work or live hours away. How do you make sure he’s supported when he has appointments? Talk to a senior home care specialist about having caregivers drive him and walk him into his doctor’s office.

Don’t leave your dad to face necessary appointments on his own. Schedule caregiver visits and have an aide attend his doctor’s visits with him. The caregiver shares the discussions and any prescription changes with you, so you’re always in the loop. Call a senior home care agency to make the arrangements.


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