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24-Hour Home Care Can Help With Recovery From Prostate Surgery

Prostate Surgery: 24-Hour Home Care Tolleson AZ
Prostate Surgery: 24-Hour Home Care Tolleson AZ

If you will be providing care for your loved one after he’s had prostate surgery, making him comfortable and promoting a healthy healing process are your top concerns. Here’s how you can help with both.

Make Him Comfortable

Recovery from prostate surgery can take several weeks and your loved one might be in a lot of discomfort during that time. He might have a catheter, be dealing with swelling, and trying to manage the pain from the surgery area.

Coming home is usually one of the first steps to feeling better. There is nothing better than being in your own home, using your pillows and blankets, maybe having a pet to snuggle with, and having your favorite TV stations to watch. While none of these things help the wound to heal, they do help with your loved one’s mental state, which can have a big impact on how quickly his body can heal. Home should be a relaxing and comforting place, allowing his body to focus on healing from the surgery and not having anxiety about being in a strange place.

24-Hour Home Care

If you are not able to be with your loved one after his surgery, you might want to consider having a 24-hour home care team assist in his recovery. They can be there all day and night, helping your loved one with the things he will need help with as he recovers.

A 24-hour home care team will make sure there’s always someone in the home with your loved one who is awake and ready to assist. If your loved one needs to use the bathroom in the middle of the night but is still struggling with getting up and walking to the bathroom, they can help him get there and then get back to bed safely.

Another area 24-hour home care providers can assist with is transportation. Your loved one will be given instructions to not drive for several weeks but he still may have appointments he needs to make or engagements he doesn’t want to miss. If you are unable to drive him, a 24-hour home care provider who is in the home at the time can help him get to where he’s going and back again.

Keep Up With Nutrition

A big part of recovery is getting all of your loved one’s internal systems back up and running after the surgery. Doctors will usually recommend drinking 8 glasses of water a day as well as eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. If these are not normal habits for your loved one, having someone in the home remind him to drink plenty of water and help prepare the fruits and vegetables can help ensure he’s following the doctor’s orders.

Finally, your loved one should avoid lifting any type of heavy object. Having someone like a 24-hour home care provider right there to help him carry something will reduce the chance that he’ll decide to just do it himself, rather than waiting for help to arrive.

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