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Elder Care Advice on How Often Seniors Should See the Doctor

Elder Care Sun City AZ
Elder Care Sun City AZ

If your loved one is determined to age in place, they will need a team of professionals to help manage their care. This likely means they have different doctors for different things, elder care to help at home, family caregivers, and any specialists needed to ensure they are aging as well as possible. This can seem like a lot to manage, but the truth is, if your loved one has a good routine down, it can be very manageable. But how do you manage all of these professionals? It can seem confusing, but with the help of elder care, everything can be much easier. How often should your senior be going to the doctor? It depends on what doctor they’re seeing! Here is a quick rundown of when your loved one should be going to specific appointments.

Primary Doctor

Every senior should see a primary care doctor specializing in seniors and senior health. This will help ensure they are managing any chronic health conditions. They should be seeing a primary care doctor at least once a year. However, if they have specific health issues or are experiencing health issues, they should see a doctor more. A doctor may also want to see them every few months to manage certain things, and some of these visits can be telehealth appointments just to check in.

If your loved one needs in-person visits, transportation is something that elder care may be able to help with if you set things up in advance. This makes things a lot easier for the seniors, and they are more likely to visit their doctor when they have reliable transportation.


Their primary care doctor may recommend or refer them to a specialist who can help with a specific doctor. Sometimes seniors need to see foot doctors, throat doctors, or even meet with surgeons for surgeries. Luckily, these appointments only become necessary when a specific issue arises. This does not usually have to be every year just when it’s necessary. However, if your loved one gets surgery, they will need to go to all follow-ups with the specialists, and those doctors will need to communicate to a senior’s primary care doctor every time.

Physical Therapists

After all surgeries and follow-ups, a senior may need to attend physical therapy. Even if your loved one hasn’t had surgery, they may be recovering from something else. Either way, your loved one will need a physical therapist to help rework the body and learn to move around again. Depending on the treatment plan, a senior may go up to several times a week to only a few times a month. It will vary on what the original issue is and the treatment plan from the physical therapist.

Group or Solo Therapy

When your loved one ages in place, they may be dealing with a lot of stressors in life, or they may have lost people they love. This may mean they need to go to therapy to learn to cope with new life situations, or they may need to vent to others who are struggling with the same things. Group therapy can be found a few times a week, and a solo therapist may want to see your loved one once a week or a few times a month.

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