24-Hour Home Care: What Should You Look for When Seeing Your Mom for the First Time This Year?

24-Hour Home Care: Many family members live hours from their aging parents.

When you only see your mom once a year, it can be alarming to see how much she’s changed. It’s time for your annual holiday visit, so what should you be assessing during your time with her? 24-Hour Home Care might be something to think about.



24-Hour Home Care in Litchfield Park AZ: Long Distance Caregiving

24-Hour Home Care in Litchfield Park AZ: Long-Distance Caregiving

Is She Mobile?

How mobile is your mom? Does she struggle to stand up after being seated? Is her gait normal, or is she shuffling her feet more than usual? Changes to mobility can be a sign that support is needed with daily living.

Is Her Home Being Neglected?

Does your mom keep up with housework? If you notice anything that’s clearly being neglected, she may need help with housework and organization.

For example, you may notice that pet hair is all over the carpets on the stairs. When you ask your mom, she says the vacuum is too heavy. Home care aides can help her with household chores that are becoming too much to manage independently.

How Is Her Health?

When was your mom’s last check-up? Is her health okay, or does she have any chronic health conditions? Arthritis, high blood pressure, and diabetes are some of the more common ailments.

If she is dealing with health issues, she may need help at home. Remembering to take daily medications is just one of the daily tasks she struggles with. She may also need someone to encourage her to exercise and help her shop for foods that match her dietary needs.

24-Hour Home Care: Should She Still Drive?

Should your mom still be driving? That’s important to discuss, as she might not like the idea of handing over her keys. Go out with her and have her drive. Watch her driving habits to ensure she’s breaking in time, thoroughly checking blind spots, and leaving plenty of space.

Knowing when to stop driving is one of the most important aspects of aging. As your mom’s vision and reaction times change, she needs to stay safe. If letting someone else take over the driving is safer, she needs to do it. Home care aides can drive her wherever she needs to go.

If your mom has difficulty with everyday tasks like remembering to take medications or keeping her home clean, it’s time to talk about 24-Hour Home Care. She can have caregivers available each week or as often as needed to help her with activities of daily living. Call a home care agency to help get her started.


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