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Elder Care Tips For Vacationing With Your Senior Loved One

Senior Vacation: Elder Care Tips Buckeye AZ
Senior Vacation: Elder Care Tips Buckeye AZ

You are ready for one vacation while summer is still here and school year routines take over. As your mom’s family caregiver, you don’t know what to do. It’s easier to bring her with you, but it’s also going to be stressful to do that. How do you travel when your mom’s health and mobility aren’t the same as they were years ago?

Make Sure Everyone Will Have Fun

If your mom does join you and struggles to keep up, she’ll feel bad and others might get frustrated by the constant rest breaks. If it’s not going to be fun for everyone, it’s going to end up becoming a miserable vacation.

You need to find a way to plan outings that meet a variety of mobility levels and appeal to everyone. If that’s going to be challenging, it might be better to look for resorts or cruise ships that cater to all ages.

Consider a Cruise

If you can afford to go on a cruise, it’s a good way to meet everyone’s needs and mobility levels. While your children participate in age-friendly activities, your mom could lounge on a chair and stare at the water and sky. You can go to the pool for a swim. Later, you can all meet up for a show.

While you explore the next island stop, your mom can stay on the ship or join you on a guided bus tour of the city. Cruise ships are ADA-compliant, so it’s the perfect option if she’s not as mobile as she used to be.

Rent a House With a Pool

Rent a house that has a pool and space to spread out. If there is a lot for people to do, it’s going to be more enjoyable. Some can go play in the pool while others sit and chat. Those who have been in the sun too much can go set up a movie.

If the rental is within walking distance of parks, museums, stores, and restaurants, people will be able to split up and do the things that interest them, and your mom doesn’t feel like she’s making everyone unhappy. Plus, you have more space and privacy than a hotel offers.

Arrange Elder Care Services

Most importantly, does your mom want to travel? She might not feel up to it. Even if it’s easier if you bring her along, you have to respect her wishes and leave her home. Instead of hoping that she can manage on her own, arrange elder care services while you’re away.

With elder care, she has a caregiver stopping by as needed to cook meals, clean up, and help her with personal care. Call a specialist in elder care to get started.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring Elder Care in Buckeye, AZ, please contact the caring staff at Blessings for Seniors Companion Care at (623) 594-0819.

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