Senior Home Care Celebrates National Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day: Senior Home Care Litchfield Park AZ

Grandparents Day: Senior Home Care Litchfield Park AZ

National Grandparents Day falls on September 10th. It was first suggested in the late 1960s, but President Jimmy Carter proclaimed it a national day in 1978. Sometimes, it’s hard to get your older children and parents to spend time together. Help them bridge the gap with these six activities.

Board Games

Board games are trendy. Pull out some of your dad’s old games and bring some of your children’s newer games. They can try games from each generation and see what they think. If you need to purchase a game that’s suitable and fun for all ages, A Ticket to Ride and Apples to Apples are easy to find and a lot of fun.

Day Trips

An outing is a good way to unite generations. A trip to the zoo, a science museum, or a local aquarium are all good options. Add in a picnic lunch at a state park, waterfall, or beach for a full day of bonding.

Jigsaw Puzzles

A jigsaw puzzle is a great way to unite generations. Matching colors and patterns is a good activity for the brain, but it’s also a lot of fun to see the picture coming together. Choose a puzzle that’s challenging without being frustrating, unless you know your dad and kids won’t mind a challenge.


LEGO has a variety of kits for all ages. You’re certain to find kits that appeal to your children and your dad can help them build them. He might enjoy assembling a floral centerpiece he can put on his dining room table or a replica of a famous painting.

There are kits of famous buildings or scenes from famous movies like Harry Potter. Go through some options and see what appeals to him.

Movie Afternoons

Find some movies for your kids and dad to watch together. Make a pitcher of lemonade, some of their favorite cookies or brownies, and a bowl of popcorn. What they watch depends on their taste, but Pixar movies tend to appeal to all ages, or they may want to watch an action-adventure movie like Indiana Jones.

Video Games

There are so many video games that families can play together and have fun doing so. You can play popular game shows like Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune together. Or, have your kids put on a racing game where you can try to beat each other on a race track. If your dad struggles with a controller, a story-based game is fun to watch as someone else plays it.

Senior home care provides you with the opportunity to take days off and spend them with your children, catching up on chores at your own house, or having a day to yourself. Learn more about the many benefits of senior home care by talking to an advisor about the availability and cost of services.

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