Your dad has a chest cold, but he’s starting to feel better.

It’s a good time to go through the house and clean his house to remove traces of the virus. The rest of the family has dodged it so far. What are the essential areas you can’t ignore to stop the possible spread?


Home Care in Peoria AZ: Essential Cleaning Tips

Home Care in Peoria AZ: Essential Cleaning Tips


Run an Air Purifier

Remove some airborne virus germs by running an air purifier. Ideally, look at one that has UV and ionic cleaning aspects in addition to a HEPA filter. It will help remove dust and allergens and may also help kill some of the odors and germs in the air at the same time.


Wipe Down Everything

Go through the house and wipe down everything he touches. You need to think about remotes and light switches. Cellphones, appliance knobs, trash can lids, shower/bath controls, and faucet knobs are other items he’s touched while sick.

Wipe counters and food preparation surfaces with a cleaner. If your dad touched a surface, it could have the virus germs on it. Cutting boards should be washed and treated with a food sanitizing solution of bleach. The CDC recommends a mixture of 1 tablespoon of bleach to a gallon of boiled, cooled water.

Cupboard handles, locks, doorknobs, and the toilet handle must be wiped with an antibacterial/antiviral cleaning agent. Bleach is one of the best. Purchase the cleaner at the store or make your own by mixing a gallon of room temperature water and 1/3 cup household bleach.


Change and Wash Bedding

Change all of the bedding. Ideally, spray the pillows and mattress topper with Lysol or another disinfectant spray before putting on new pillowcases. Wash everything in hot water and dry thoroughly. If possible, wash the comforter, too.

Do the same with towels. Change and launder all of the towels in the household. Put out fresh towels while the others are in the washing machine. When you do, wipe the towel rack or holder with the disinfectant.


Wash Clothing

Any clothing that he was wearing, especially pajamas, should be washed in hot water. A sanitizing product like Lysol also helps kill germs. Bleach will do the same, but you don’t want to use it on colored clothing.

Don’t have time to clean your dad’s home regularly? Senior care services are here to help. Your dad has someone assisting with household chores, meals, transportation, and many other aspects of daily living. You have peace of mind that he’s well looked after. Call a senior care agency to schedule caregivers.


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