Tips That Help Your Dad Stay on His Feet

In-Home Care Tolleson

In-Home Care Tolleson

Limitations in mobility affect about three out of ten older adults. When an older person’s muscle mass or bone strength declines, it increases the risk of a fall and can decrease the quality of living. Your dad’s mobility is worsening, so what can you do to help him stay on his feet? In-home care can help him stay safely in his own home.

Check His Home for Safety Issues

Go through your dad’s home and look for safety issues that increase the fall risk. This includes issues like loose railings on stairs, ripped carpeting, and scatter rugs on hardwood floors.

A slippery tub or shower floor in the bathroom could lead to a fall. Install grab bars to give your dad a supportive structure to hold while stepping in and out of the shower. Non-slip bath mats also help.

Check that the lighting is bright enough. Additionally, add more lights to dimly lit areas of the home, such as on staircases or outside deck steps.

Make Sure He’s Eating Enough Protein and Dairy

Protein is an essential component in muscle health. If your dad isn’t eating enough protein, he may experience sarcopenia, an age-related condition where muscle strength and mass diminish. It’s advised that older adults eat 25 to 30 grams of protein during each meal.

Your dad doesn’t have to rely solely on meat to get enough protein. Quinoa is high in protein. So are dairy products like kefir. He can get protein from canned beans and tofu.

He also needs plenty of calcium to help keep his bones strong. C cottage cheese and yogurt give him the calcium he needs if he’s not a big milk drinker.

Schedule Yearly Doctor’s Appointments

Make sure your dad sees his doctor each year. He should go for his yearly check-up, which may require you to schedule the appointment and get him there on time. If follow-up tests are recommended, your dad may also need your help for those appointments.

Make sure your dad goes for any tests his doctor recommends. Make sure he follows through and goes for that test f it’s suggested that he has his bone density measured. If his doctor wants to check his blood to ensure he’s not malnourished, schedule it and make sure he goes.

Keep Him Active

Your dad needs to stay active. He should walk daily to get fresh air, exercise, and even some vitamin D from the sun. If he can’t walk alone or doesn’t like to, hire an in-home care aide to join him.

In-home care services keep your dad healthy by ensuring he has nutritious meals, helps with household chores, and gets outside for exercise. Call a specialist to learn more.



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